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Why SMART Investors Are Starting Their Very Own Real Estate Funds RIGHT NOW AND
Below I Describe Not Only Why Now Is The PERFECT Time To Start, Operate and Manage Your Very Own Real Estate FUND And Compound Time To Make 20 Years of Financial Progress In Just A Matter of A Few Short Years!

Long ago a mentor of mine told me the following:

“What Is One Man’s Need Is Another Man’s Opportunity”.  And he was exactly right.  This is not about doing things that are NOT morally, ethically and legally viable. 

This IS just fact.  “It is what it is.” 

So, what does this have to do with starting your very own real estate fund?  Plenty…

Because if there was ever, ever a time to have your very own real estate fund (partnership/syndication) teed up and ready to go – NOW would be that time.


We are in a RECESSION NOW and will be for MONTHS TO COME.  Even though this is bad news...

And make no mistake, MORE BAD NEWS is coming.

But you, among a small number of investors, can decide NOT to participate AND profit in a HUGE WAY DURING, THROUGH AND AFTER the storm!  

The Pullback Has Begun

As you read this understand that the real estate pullback has begun!  Within the last three weeks, especially after the latest FED interest rate hike, I have seen a monumental drop off in interest from lenders in lending on real estate, specifically multi-family and commercial real estate.  I have also seen interest from investors and owners drop off dramatically and quickly too.  It is almost like you were walking on a comfortable path one minute and suddenly coming to a cliff drop straight down the next!  That is the case right now.  One day all is right with the world and the next day – WHAM!  Cliff! 

So, this is something that you probably were or are not fully aware of YET but you will be aware of it soon.  In the next few months you will hear about it everywhere.  I am seeing it now in a major way behind the scenes in what I do every day and it takes a while for all of this to trickle down into the realm of “public knowledge”.  Make no mistake - the pull back has begun in a big way.

What Was Discussed At This High Level PRIVATE Multi-Family Meeting

I was just at a HIGH LEVEL multi-family owner group meeting here two weeks ago in Houston.  We were together for 2 days.  These are major owners and major players in multi-family around the U.S.  During just these two days I counted 14 of the participants either losing/having their property purchases in process cancelled OR their lenders making them get seller concessions on the price they negotiated because they decided to LOAN LESS money AND to raise their interest rate they were going to charge them on their ALREADY agreed upon loan terms.   This was happening at the last possible minute AND I got to see all of this because it was happening right then and there during our meetings. 

Imagine, you have a property you have been working on for three months to purchase and you are finally ready to close.  The lender calls you three days before closing and says, “Oh, we decided to loan you a million dollars less than what we agreed AND we are going to raise your interest rate .5% too.  Sorry!  You will need to figure out where to come up with more money and how you can deal with the interest rate increase!”

I promise that this scenario is happening now EVERY DAY to hundreds of people now and will be even more the case in the future

What Most People Will Do In The Coming Months When This Gets “Public”

What most will do when they become aware of THE PULLBACK and it hits the public is panic.  Not so much a “physical” kind of panic with yelling, screaming and or crying but more of a MONEY PANIC.  What I mean by MONEY PANIC is most will choose to Sit On Their Cash Waiting To See What Happens Because They Are Afraid.  Most will let FEAR drive their decisions and pretty much bury their money in a bank or credit union (or even cash in a safe) and wait to see how this all transpires. 

The funny thing is I can’t say I blame them!  I did the same thing in 2007, and, if you were “with me” at that time you saw how the real estate market was and I made a lot of our decisions based on fear and not based on sound strategy.  We missed out on a MILLIONS OF DOLLARS of opportunities that presented themselves to us because we were afraid.  We were scared, I was scared and it cost us MILLIONS of dollars in lost opportunities.  Today, every time I drive by one of these properties I mentally kick myself for not seeing the forest through the trees. Damn!

Well, history has a funny way of repeating itself.  Here we are, about 15 years later now faced with what may turn out to be our biggest crises to date with ONE IMPORTANT CHANGE…



That’s right!  I HAD to go through what I went through in 2007-2010 in order to learn about being better at identifying and picking up opportunities and right now you will be hard pressed to find anyone that is better than me at working at, finding and taking advantage of terrific opportunities.  So much so that…


I know how this MAY sound, but, I am excited with anticipation as to the opportunities that will be coming up.  I wish no ill on anyone, BUT, I am excited to get those calls or emails from the owners of these properties asking me to buy them….PLEASE BUY THEM!  


A few months ago I made an offer of $8,600,000 on a 136 unit property here.  I was told by the Seller “thank you” BUT they had a higher offer that they were going to go with.  Fine by me, I don’t blame them at all and I was NOT going to go up any further.  Then, just last week I got a call from guess who?  That is right, these owners!  Their deal with their guy “fell through” and they wanted to know if I still had an interest in buying the property?  

I did..

And told them the price was now $7,700,000 not $8,600,000.  Let’s just say they were not too happy about that!  

Again, I get it!  I would not be happy either.  So, they told me that price was not going to work and I told them I understood and good luck in getting it sold.  I ALSO told them that I still had an interest but if they get back to more than two weeks later the price would then be LESS than $7,700,000.  

They ended up selling it to me for $7,700,000! 

Another example…

I just came from a meeting where I negotiated a $200,000+ price reduction on a property we are closing on in just a few days.  At the end of the day the $2,800,000 sales price will be closer to $2,600,000.  How was I able to do this?

Because the owners knew full well that if they did not abide by my request then they would have to put the properties back on the market and wait for another 3 months to close.  What will happen in the next three months?  Yes, rates will go up, inflation will go up and there will be even more challenges compete with!  So, rather than taking that chance they agreed to discount their price and sell. 

Do me a favor and read these two quick examples again because this will be the theme now more and more over the next two years ESPECIALLY for those operators with little experience navigating through what we are going through right now and getting more challenging by the day…And this is JUST GETTING STARTED!

I am for the rest of 2023 going to be setting aside time to help investors create a THEIR OWN INDIVIDUAL OPPORTUNITY FUNDS for the small few that want to be involved in this with me.  I see our window of OPPORTUNITY as being the next 18 – 24 months (give or take) as YOU having as much cash available for the purchase of these properties will be the primary goal.  Second is the purchase, management and resale of these properties. 


Even though it may sound a little strange that is how I see it.  I think for the next 3 – 7 years we can play MONOPOLY in real life, make a lot of money and have a lot of fun in the process. 


I have more experience in creating, managing and running partnerships and syndications than anyone!

As mentioned above, for a limited time and for a limited number of investors in 2023 I will be assisting a small group of investors in building their very own fund or expanding their very own real estate investment partnership(s) — to take advantage of the purchasing opportunities to come!

Right now, I am offering investors personal one on one coaching in creating, growing or expanding your next real estate (fund) partnership. 

For almost 32 years I have worked with and coached some of the most successful apartment community owners in the U.S. Working closely with either top CEO’s, Manager’s and Decision Makers I have created for custom program maps and strategies allowing my clients to create or expand profitable real estate partnership opportunities using real estate partnerships and funds.

Over the years I have been used by and consulted with many (both small and large) apartment community partnerships, commercial real estate funds and many “well heeled” entrepreneurs throughout the U.S. and have been responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in acquisitions and increased revenue.

For a few investors I will be offering creating/expanding (fund) partnership coaching to individual apartment community owners, private investors, business leaders, CEO’s and owners/managers who want to use this window of opportunity RIGHT NOW to take their investment real estate business (multi-family or commercial) and life to all new levels.  This is ONLY for 2023.  


Each of my one on one sessions is personally delivered by me and is uniquely designed to get you and your own real estate fund up and running as soon as possible with your new, existing or expanding real estate (fund) partnership. 

I will be using my 30+ years of experience to create an action plan to maximize and harness those (fund) and partnership opportunities for upcoming buying opportunities and improved operations and CONTINUED EXPANSION! By using MY unique approach to the creation and use of (funds) partnerships, my proprietary partnership and syndication creations and expansion strategies, tools and tactics you will be able to streamline, innovate and maximize the purchase opportunities to come in even more profitable ways that you can imagine.

And…in far, far less time too.


Many will know this is what they should be doing and should have started this already!  Many more maybe even have already thought of this.  Few will act and few will prosper as a result.

This is NOT for everybody, however, those that do will tell stories to their children or even grandchildren about what they did DURING ONE OF THE GREATEST TRANSFORMATIONS OF WEALTH we have seen and what a story it will be for those few.

If you feel that you are ready complete and submit the application below.  There is no obligation other than a willingness to invest in yourself and in a process that is going to be a financial gamechanger for a few.  



Darin Garman


Get personal one on one SPECIAL TAKE ADVANTAGE OF CREATING YOUR VERY OWN FUND, PARTNERSHIP, EXPANSION AND PREPARE TO PROFIT FROM THE STORM! coaching with Darin Garman.  No one is better nor has more experience.

  • One on One, full day face to face meeting with Darin Garman.
  • Duplicatable!  Use Capital Raising, Property Finding and Asset Management Maps and Processes Over and Over Again in Creating Real Estate Funds and Partnerships!
  • In Most Cases The Investment Pays For Itself AFTER YOUR FIRST SUCCESSFUL PARTNERSHIP using Darin's proprietary partnership outcomes in FINDING THE DEALS, PURCHASING THEM, MANAGING THEM and then using my FEE and INCOME structures to take your investing game and life to a whole different level!
  • Fund, Partnership and syndication action plans and maps PERSONALLY constructed for you by me.
  • Use of my Proprietary Forms, Marketing Materials and Calendars and Partner Communication Strategies You Take With You.
  • Hard cold truth about what you will need to, how to implement and the timetables to execute to be able to accomplish your dreams and goals in the coming months.
  • Confidentiality
  • Advice about your business, personal life or finances as they do ultimately connect to being in a much better financial place months from now.
  • Custom step by step partnership and syndication strategies and maps to USE NOW to take back and implement immediately.
  • Opportunity to get continued support from Darin after your session.  I won’t abandon you after our one on one coaching session.  I will be available for ongoing support when needed.
  • Optional meeting online (ZOOM, etc.) vs. in person (though Darin recommends in person meetings – Yes EVEN during COVID 19).
  • There will be an ORIENTATION ZOOM call or phone conference call PRIOR TO our FULL COACHING DAY that will prepare you for not only the day with me but for what is to come as you get your own real estate fund going. 

***Darin Garman’s***
One Page Start Your Own Real Estate Fund / Partnership Mentoring Application

Payment Details

Application To Be Submitted
  • You will use my templated fund, partnership and syndication creation process and adapt it to the HUGE opportunities to come.
  • Use 30+ Years Experience To Have Your Very Own Fund And Be Mentored By One Of The Best. 
  • Process and systems can be used over and over with partnership forms, agreements and marketing materials used by Darin provided.
  • Have your very Own real estate fund, syndication and/or partnership up and running or expanding in days.  There will be opportunity for continued support post meeting.

Payment Details

Application To Be Submitted
  • You will use my templated fund, partnership and syndication creation process and adapt it to the HUGE opportunities to come.
  • Use 30+ Years Experience To Have Your Very Own Fund And Be Mentored By One Of The Best. 
  • Process and systems can be used over and over with partnership forms, agreements and marketing materials used by Darin provided.
  • Have your very Own real estate fund, syndication and/or partnership up and running or expanding in days.  There will be opportunity for continued support post meeting.

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