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                  How To TURN PRO As A Full Time Multi-Family Owner and Investor

Every Year I Get Dozens of Applicants…  Few Are Chosen…
Why Is It Only A Small Number Of Investors Qualify For Me To Partner With Them On Their Real Estate Deals and Become Part of Their Dream Team?  Please Read On...

Dear Fellow Investor, 

In my book – “Turning Pro As A Professional Real Estate Investor – The Tools and the Strategies To Make It Possible”  I go into detail on just what it is investors need to do in order to have A REAL FUTURE as a professional real estate owner and investor.  In other words, making owning apartment communities as not JUST an investment but a very profitable full-time career.

Seeing their future as one of running, operating and profiting from their very own multi-family real estate portfolio and doing it full time and of course enjoying the income, wealth created and return on investment is not half bad either.

This book still remains popular for those people that are looking to:

*Change careers, leave a job that is not satisfying anymore or change the business they currently own to now do something that they would love to do – own and run their real estate investment business full time and choose to NOT BE A PASSIVE INVESTOR.  They can picture it.

*Begin a second career OR a first or “next” business, in addition to what they are already doing as a full-time investment real estate entrepreneur.  They want speed of accomplishment as a real estate owner / investor and not slowed down by reinvention and mistakes along the way.

*Steer their current personal and financial goals in the right direction so that they can become full time real estate owners and investors if they so choose to do so at some time in the future – at THEIR option.  Some would call this getting in a position where you have "FU" Money!

Unfortunately Though This Unique Book Only Takes You So Far

Just like you cannot learn to ride a bike by reading a book you cannot read my “Turning Pro” book one day and a month later be a full time investor owning your very own 200 unit apartment community.  Oddly enough, a passive investor working with me may be able to pull this off but definitely not an active “I want to run it myself and be my own boss and have THIS” investor / entrepreneur / real estate syndicator / owner.


Sure, you can certainly embark on your quest, possibly starting on this part time and even possibly starting to look at real estate properties to own, but, a book is a book, you can read it and learn from it but it will not in and of itself deposit property income checks into your bank account.

And really, it should NOT be that easy anyway.  A $15.00 investment and three hours of reading one book is not going to return you hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of dollars in income and wealth, especially over the next 5 years.   

Don’t get me wrong, a book like “Turning Pro As A Professional Real Estate Investor” CAN and WILL help and many investors have benefitted from the information in the “Turning Pro” book, but, for SERIOUS entrepreneurs, investors and syndicators these kinds of results, ESPECIALLY in the next few years, is unrealistic because….



What is a Dream Team?

A dream team is a small group of people that you align yourself with and YOU USE AS REAL LEVERAGE to fill in the areas that you are lacking.  You use this LEVERAGE from the team to reach your personal, income, wealth and even health goals much faster. 

For example, my Dream Team consists of the following:

Two Mentors

Two Lawyers

Two Accountants

One Fitness Trainer

A 5 Member Board of Directors

Yep, I am 55 years old and am considered “a success” by many and I have my own DREAM TEAM that I use to leverage all of the areas that I am lacking.  In short… I USE THEM to reach all of my targets easier and faster. 


Many People Have Heard of OPM (Other Peoples Money).  A Dream Team is the leverage of OPR (Other Peoples Resources) and this is 100X more powerful than OPM.

Which is one HUGE REASON why I have been fortunate enough to own and manage as much real estate as I have over the years.  I have been involved in over $1 Billion in investment real estate transactions (in Iowa!) and many investors from all over the US (and some outside) get involved with me as an investment partner or seek my services in helping them acquire or sell apartment communities of all sizes.  .

It is how I went from a prison guard to one of the top real estate minds in the US.  Of course, I have worked very hard and sacrificed much over the years.  That IS true, but, I would be years behind where I am now if it were NOT for my Dream Team.

Every Year Out of Dozens of Applicants I Choose A Few Investors And I Become Part of Their Dream Team.  Mentoring them to the results that they are looking for so they can TURN PRO as a Professional Real Estate Owner, Investor or Syndicator.

How this process works is first, the investor needs to contact me and let me know that they are interested.  Second, they complete an application for mentorship.  That is correct, I do have a REAL application for mentorship. 

Once that application is completed it comes to me for review.  Once I review it I decide whether I want to have a conversation with the investor about being their mentor AND I tell them what it will REALLY take in terms of cost and sacrifice in order for the investor to get what they want with no BS.

That’s right!  I said COST and SACRIFICE.


First COST.  I have found over the years that the speed that one implements and takes actions on the items that need to be completed that lead them, FASTER, to their overall success they want is related to how much they are prepared to invest in themselves.  

In other words…

Invest ZERO in yourself and most will never get started, or worse yet, PRETEND to start and then fizzle out fast.

Invest say $100,000 in yourself – actions are taken, results are tracked and recalibrated and the comfort zone is stretched.  In short, results happen, accountability is rampant and the BS things that used to get in the way is cut through like a hot knife through butter.  Reaching their wealth and income targets much, much faster than what they were even expecting. 

Now, I don’t “charge” $100,000 in fees to be a mentor, BUT, I am not FREE.  

If you are looking for FREE or feel you “deserve” FREE, then, you can stop right here…

Then there is SACRIFICE.

I am one of a few people that will tell you what you need to hear NOT what you want to hear.  For example, I can tell you already that Turning Pro as a Professional and Full Time Real Estate Owner, Syndicator and/or Investor is difficult, time consuming and full of frustrations. 

You have to be one tough person willing to sacrifice your current comforts, your time, money, conveniences, hobbies, social media, TV watching and other useless things you spend your time on in order to reach your targets.

You have to go from the person and investor you are right now to the person and investor you want to be and getting there is a damn hard process. 

You see, I tell you IT IS HARD, I tell you the things you REALLY HAVE TO DO and actions you REALLY have to implement.  It is not a “journey”, it is not “easy” and it is NOT for everybody.  Period.

But for a small few, it IS worth it.  So worth it.

What Do You Think Could Happen If You Could Possibly Have Me As Your Mentor For The Next 6-12 Months?

If I were to decide that I do want to work with you and be your Turning Pro Mentor it would include:

*Achieving Your Dreams Mindset Mentorship (Preparing You Mentally For What It REALLY
  Takes To Achieve Them)
*Building Your Very Own Dream Team (You Start With Me, I Help You To Fill In The Rest)
*Capital Raising For Your Investment Real Estate Acquisitions (Mentoring You On How To Get
  The Capital You Will Need To Pull This Off)
*Property Acquisition, Purchases Made and Partnering (Me Being Your Partner, Advising,
  Mentoring While You Find The Properties That Will Allow You To TURN PRO)
*Property / Asset Management Mentoring (Property Growth and Asset Growth Operations
  Mentoring Once Properties Are Purchased.) 
*Empire Building Mentoring (Now That You Have The Foundation Built It is About Mentoring To
  Strategically Increase Your Number of Holdings Faster - Growing Your Real Estate Empire)
*Final Phase Mentoring – You Now Start To Take More Control.  You Are Now Confident In Your
  Abilities To Reach Your Targets.  The Mentorship by me has now become a PERMANENT part
  of you.  It is now ingrained and you ARE on your way with an unbelievably firm foundation.  I
  Am Still Around But You Are Now Needing Me Less and Less And Taking Charge Of All Things
  More and More. 

You Are Becoming The PRO! 

This IS the path of the person, the investor that wants to ultimately TURN PRO.   From building the foundation with an indestructible mindset to having all of the Turning Pro systems and processes not a part of them. 

Again, as you can tell, this is not for everyone.  This is ONLY for the few.

If by chance you feel that you ARE ONE OF THE FEW and this IS you we are talking about, then you should complete the application below. 

But before you do, I want to seriously repeat…


The cost and sacrifice to get you to where you want to go is steep.  Be honest with yourself as far as being up to it.  Having me as your Mentor means that you will pay the price first in time, effort, energy.  There will be times you will feel exhausted and that you may not be able to continue.  These are the times you would need to push through and where you are revealed as a true PRO. 

I consider my Turning Pro Mentorship process to be the ultimate leverage, time saver and wealth builder for those that want to be their on their own running, overseeing and operating real estate empires and getting to the level of a PRO FASTER.  In the end I believe your cost and sacrifice will be the best investment you will have made with the payoffs EASILY being in the multiples of the time and money invested, wondering why you did not do this a long time ago.

If you think you are finally ready to TURN PRO as a full time professional real estate owner and investor and having the income, lifestyle and success you truly deserve please complete this application.  There is no cost to apply, only you believe you have what it takes to TURN PRO.


Darin Garman

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Turning Pro Silver

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*Achieving Your Dreams Mindset Mentorship
*Building Your Very Own Dream Team
*Capital Raising For Your Investment Real Estate Acquisitions

*Property Acquisition, Purchases Made
*Fund Formation Mentoring
*Property / Asset Management Mentoring
*Empire Building Mentoring
*Final Phase Mentoring  

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